These Pumps are multistage centrifuhal pumps with radial/mixed flow impellers which operates submerged beneath the surface water, suitable for 150 mm diameter borewells and above.

  Applications :
Agriculture Farm
Material Construction of Motor
Part Name Material
Shaft SS 431 / SS 410
Bearing Bush Leaded Tin Bronze
Thrust Bearing S.S. / Carbon
Lower/Upper Housing Cast Iron
Stator Shell Stainless Steel (Heavy Duty)
Material Construction of Pump
Part Name Material
Impeller/Diffuser SS 410 / Cast Iron
Bearing Bush Leaded Tin Bronze
Pump Shaft S.S 202
Suction Casing / NRV Cast Iron
Strainer / Cable Guard Stainless Steel
Stage Casing Cast Iron
Operating Limits
Power Range 5.0 H.P. to 20.0 H.P.
(350 /415 V, 50 Hz. AC Three phase)
Speed 2850 RPM
Max. Discharge 1250 LPM
Min. Discharge 50 LPM
Max. Head 1300 Ft.
Per stage Head (1) 50 Ft. for K-type model / 45 ft. for Q-type model
(2) 35 Ft. for K-type model / 30 ft. for Q-type model
Special features :
Low Power consumption
Sand/mud proff design
Specially Designed SS 304 grade bowl for high head & high discharge