These single stage Centrifugal pumps are idelly suitable for openwell where there is a wide fluctuation in water level. This works underwater & it rests at the bottom of the well. Hence suction & priming problems do not arise. Prime mover motor is of wet type, water lubricated, water cooled rewindable motor. The stator is wrong with special waterproff bi-axially oriented synthetic film insulated winding wires.

  Applications :
Openwell Irrigation
River-Canal lift & Irrigation
Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation
Operating Limits
Power Range 0.5 H.P. to 5.0 H.P.
(160 /240 V, 50 Hz. AC single phase)

1. H.P. to 10 H.P.
(315 /440 V, 50 Hz. AC Three phase)
Speed 2850 RPM
Max. Discharge 1700 LPM
Min. Discharge 35 LPM
Max. Head 180 Ft.
Max. Temp 30 C
Motor :
Water filled submersible induction motor
Heavy duty stainless steel motor body
Heavy duty water lubricated bearing for long trouble free operation.
Pump :
Rigid cast iron impeller & volute casting provide good efficiency & long life.
Compatible with low friction flexible hose pipes.